Branding Value Now Conscious Thoughts,Green & Environment Coal: the re-coal or the anti-coalition?

Coal: the re-coal or the anti-coalition?

To reduce the dependence of energy and meet climate objectives, innovative and alternative energies seem to be the key. As new energies are profiling on agendas as the solution for a catastrophic environmental future, coal in spite of a flock of admirers, remains on the bench of the culprit waiting for absolution!

Abused during the industrialization era as the motor of the economy, it resurfaced year 2007 in the American mind, on the American landscape after years of forgetfulness to be the “sesame” for electricity provisions. 52% of the national electricity is powered by coal, this data itself expresses without ambiguity the gravity and the amplitude of the problem.

The dilemma doesn’t repose uniquely between the pros and the cons of the energy but it raises questions about its interdependent nature, its intrinsic relationship with other energies.? Will coal survive to the benefit of electricity, or will it die, suppressing an important pawn in the electricity supply? Will the augmenting electricity prevail over the damaging consequences of coal on the environment?

The ban of coal is on everyone’s lips, politicians advocate its regulation through taxation policies. Since 40 % of the U.S. greenhouse gases are originated from coal plants, how to reconcile the presence of coal plants and its carbon dioxide emissions, and the necessity of electricity production?

Although technologies are developed and challenged by clean-coal projects to store and capture carbon dioxide emissions, the future of coal is foggy.

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