More and more companies are targeting social networking scenes as the new media with which to launch their new ad campaigns, and Coors Brewing Company is one of the most recent to jump on the boat. The Code Blue! Campaign highlights the labeling’s new feature, a picture of white mountains that turn blue when the beer is cold enough to drink.

Part of their new campaign features a Facebook application that enables users to send a “Code Blue” announcement that alerts their friends they want to drink. The application also plans to feature a map application that will help link users to the nearest bar.

Coors added more dimensions to their campaign through branded Youtube videos, a video-clip contest surrounding the Superbowl, and commercials featuring a man texting his friend the cryptic code “Code Blue!” as a signal he absolutely needs to drink at that moment, or die.

Coors received some criticism for selecting as it’s slogan a term that bares such medical gravity, but Mr. Lindsey of Draft FCB shrugged off the accusation, saying the tongue-in-cheek tone of the ads was strong enough not to be taken seriously.

Now if only he would respond to the real crime here, the gradual infiltration of our personal spaces by incessant marketing, now even on a social networking application level. Tim Sproul, group creative director of Avenue A/Razorfish says, “If you have anything to pitch in a social environment, it makes sense to pitch beer. We feel like we’re not intrusive in the online experience; we’re relevant, by giving people a chance to connect.”

It’s just my own humble opinion, but if I’m a typical 25-year old who encounters an event in life that inspires the sudden, desperate, “code blue-level intensity” urge to drown my sorrows in alcohol, it wouldn’t be my first line of action to hop online and send my friends a bouncy little announcement synonymous with a medical emergency, inviting everyone to the nearest bar.

Then again, maybe times are a ‘changing, and I just need to catch up. If that’s the case, maybe Coors should make an application that lets users drunkenly hit on other users, or accidentally spill their virtual beer on other user’s virtual shoes. Hey, they’re trying to be realistic, right?

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