Jungle[8] is of the opinion all businesses in the years to come will revolve around sustainability and social causes, as well as profit. Evidence of this burgeoning trend can be seen everywhere—environmental stewardship and greenness, or at least pretending to embrace such values is almost mandatory these days. But what about important social causes? Israel-based G.ho.st, as well as providing an innovative service, weaves an important social cause—ending war between Palestine and Israel—into their brand message.

G.ho.st (Globally Hosted Operating System) seeks to free the operating system from the confines of the personal computer, enabling users to access a virtual desktop, complete with applications and storage space from any computer with an internet connection, hence the tagline “no walls.” The tagline has additional meaning, described in their about section: “The G.ho.st team is itself a rare Palestinian-Israeli collaboration. Ghosts go through walls and the very first wall that G.ho.st goes through is the 425 mile concrete barrier that Israel has built in the West Bank between itself and the Palestinians and which physically divides the G.ho.st team into two. However the Internet and collaboration between human beings transcends all physical boundaries.”

The world has grown weary of the Palestine/Israel conflict, but is this the right means for catapulting a brand to successful status? Should causes like this be used to promote an organization whose fundamental mission is the make money? G.ho.st is more than just an Internet start-up, it has a non-profit arm entitled the G.ho.st Peace foundation, dedicated to promoting peace in the war-torn region, so it’s clear they’re not exploiting the cause.

With so many companies providing such similar services to customers, it’s nice to know we have companies like G.ho.st to choose over larger, corporate-sponsored entities with less significant connections to the global community.

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