Ah, yes summertime in L.A. Everybody’s hot, clammy and dying to be at the pool, beach, or sitting in front of an air conditioner. Speaking of air conditioners, I’ve noticed something that I’d like to share. It sparked an Idea, and at first I thought hmmm, I could pitch this to a company and get Rich, then I thought, they’ll steal my idea, run with it, and they’ll get rich and I’ll still be poor. Then I changed my position, and thought to myself…I’m just going to get the idea out there and see if I can make something happen. So here it is world, it’s called Condensation Conservation. It came to me this summer after noticing everybody and their A/C. It seemed they were running 24/7 and dripping, dripping, dripping, on the ground, filling up garbage cans, and in a friend of mines case flooding bathrooms. All this virtually free water and we take it for granted. I see gallons of water that come straight from the atmosphere and goes right back into it, when we could water plants, clean our cars and maybe even drink it. So there it is folks, don’t forget – I came up with it, and gave it to you out of the kindness of my heart. Let’s make it happen. I’ll expand more on this idea in the future…Thanks for listening (reading).

2 thoughts on “Condensation Conservation”

  1. I live in Arizona in a cluster of homes of about 75. Each has an air conditioning unit on the roof collecting the moisture thoughout the home and condisating about three to five gallons of water a day. If a person could collect this water in a closed barrel over a three day period and then use a small elecriclly timed pump to feed to the irrigation system the state could save millions of gallons of water a day. We should put our heads together and maybe conserve some water.

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