Do you know what key element exists in every successful internet marketing campaign?  Is it SEO, millions of back links, article marketing, or a smart PPC campaign?  No, it’s effective personal branding.
Sadly this is one technique newbie internet marketers avoid like the plague.   Why is that?   They may think the vast size of the internet will compensate for an absence of branding.  Maybe it’s because they are modest and aren’t comfortable presenting themselves as the expert in their niche. Whatever the reason it is a given that branding strategies which promote and convince the audience they are interacting with one of the “go to experts” must be present.
How is this done?  Before you do anything else you must be comfortable with self promotion.  Despite what your mother may have told you its ok to brag about yourself in the business world.  Especially if you can back it up, and if you aren’t excited, and confident in your abilities who else will be? Here are a couple of ideas that should motivate you to start your personal branding campaign immediately.
1.  You have to realize that not doing it will limit not only your achievements but also those you could have helped in the future.
2.  To paraphrase a wise but unknown author – the most selfish man in the world is the one who accepts an average life and in doing so, is unable to serve others who need help.
If you buy into these two points you are probably now comfortable with personal branding and ready to put an effective strategy in place.  The first thing you need to do is develop a deep seated, fundamental belief in yourself and your abilities.  Know that what you have to offer will help others and be confident sharing your talents with those who need them.
The techniques and tools used for personal branding are fairly common to the internet marketing world.  The content you offer will separate you from those who are not coming from a place of confidence and personal investment in your subject.
1.  Create a personalized blog.  It is very effective to use your name as the title and URL.  For example, Mary This is effective for any type of profession as it is your content that will build your readership.
2.  Use Social Media effectively.  Start building your social media following with a Facebook page.  This will help you build relationships and hopefully a fan base that is interested in your niche.  Over time it will build your authority on the subject represented by the social proof gained by the number of fans you maintain.
3.  Start writing and become a published author. Becoming a published author isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was.  You can write guest blog posts, publish a book on Amazon’s Kindle store, or simply write comments on niche related blogs to position yourself as someone who matters within the niche.
Personal branding is an exciting endeavor for most people once they finally get the nerve to start sharing their knowledge with an audience.  Remember the only difference between you and the published experts in your niche is they took action and developed their personal brand.

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