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Create A Winning Product Name In 10 Easy Steps – Part Two

Welcome to part two of how to create a winning product name in 10 easy steps.  Let’s continue with the last five steps you need to know to create a great product name.
6.    Just Say NO to Initials
Names that use only letters are about half as memorable as those that use known and invented words.  While this may be an easy way to name a product or company it really makes it difficult to develop any effective branding strategy.
7.    What Does The Name Sound Like?
The name should not only look good is should sound good as well. The best way to test this is to say the potential names out loud and see what reaction people get from hearing it. Small changes to the word can have a big effect on what people perceive about the product just from the way the name sounds.
8.    Don’t Hesitate to Put The Benefit In the Name
Just brainstorm some adjectives for the product and add these to the list.  Ford’s Expedition reflects a rugged traveling vehicle for example.
9.    Where Is the Product Utilized?
Does the product have a particular usage point?  If so, you should add that location to list of names.  When you think of where cold weather clothing is used does the name “North Face” make sense?  It sure does and that’s one reason why that is such a great product name.
10.    Use a Common Phrase  
Products like the Sears Die-Hard battery and Gleem Toothpaste are good examples of words and phrases that reflect product attributes and are already familiar with most people.

If you follow these ten steps you should be able to come up with a product or company name that your target market will find interesting.  With any luck at all you may develop a phrase that becomes synonymous with your client’s product or company.  If you do you’ll find the branding process easy and that’s good because you’ll be extremely busy developing product names for all your new clients.

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