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Create A Winning Product Name In 10 Easy Steps – Part One

Naming a product or company is no small task.  This one decision can make or break a product.  The name must be catchy but not cliché.  Be targeted yet not too specific.  Describe the product yet leave the target customer curious for more information.  Coming up with an effective name is possible and doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult.  Just follow the steps outlined below and look for part 2 coming soon!
1.    Brainstorm Without Judgment
Start by generating as many names as possible without worrying whether they can really be used or not.  Just write them down as you or your team comes up with them.  Don’t judge them at all at this point of the process.  Your goal is quantity not quality.
2.    The More Names The Better
You need to generate a lot of potential names before you decide on just a couple of favorites. It’s possible that as you’re checking the trademarks you could lose 80% or more of the names because someone beat you to them.  Generate at least twice as many names as you think you’ll need.
3.    Match Your Target Customer’s Reading Level
The product market analysis should tell you the demographic you should be targeting in all of your marketing and branding efforts.   Use language that this customer will be familiar with.  Scientific works for medical products but for most commodity products keep it as simple as possible and use words that everyone learned in elementary school.
4.    Generate Names Based on Why Customers Will Buy
The product names could be created from the perceived benefits of the product. Both Puma and Reebok are names of fast animals a perfect image for athletic shoes.
5.    Product Names Should Reflect the Product’s Promise
What does the product promise to do for the customer?  Put this attribute in the name.  A good example is the sleep aid Nyquil.  If you want a tranquil night’s sleep buy Nyquil. A product name is much more than just an identifier.  When a product is named effectively whenever the customer hears it they associate it with good things.

To be continued…

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