Creating Advocates for Your Brand

Any entrepreneur will agree that advertising is one of the most important keys to success in business. Some of the most successful and well known businesses were built with little or no advertising at all., Trader Joe’s, Google and Red Bull are all examples of companies that are successful through word-of-mouth marketing.  But how did these companies do this? They turned their customers into brand advocates.

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Brand advocates are highly satisfied customers that will freely and repeatedly recommend your product or service to others. A true brand advocate will sing the praises of your company to anyone and everyone that will listen. They believe in your brand and they stick with you through for better or for worse like a faithful partner.

Most people are aware that the most effective form of advertising is word-of-mouth. Brand advocates – the best advertisements – will be your most effective and inexpensive way of converting new customers because of one very important and hard to gain commodity, trust. They trust your brand and the people they talk to trust them.  90% percent of consumers surveyed in the Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey stated that they trust recommendations from people they know.


Creating a brand advocate is not always an easy thing to do but it is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.  Companies that have successfully learned how to repeatedly create advocates do so by meeting all of the following points:

1.  They provide an outstanding product or service.

Your product or server must be more than average.  People will not advocate for a company that is not offering a truly outstanding product or service at a great value.

2.  They are memorable.

Having an outstanding product or service isn’t enough. You must deliver it to your customers in a way that makes them feel special.  This is a great way for you stand out from the competition and make your customer remember you, especially for small businesses. Developing a strong web presence is one aspect of this. With the millions of businesses that are accessible on the internet, developing your brand online is crucial to successfully creating your brand advocates. If you are not familiar with how to build a successful web presence you should get help from a specialist. reviews online brand building practices so potential clients can get a better understanding of the industry. Online reputation management companies assist clients with successfully managing their online reputation and brand.

3.  Be ethical at all times.

Every day there are reports of companies that have made unethical or illegal decisions to boost profits.  Those who consistently act morally and ethically responsibly demonstrate that they truly deserve their customers. This also includes avoiding some SEO practices in your online brand strategy.

4.  Give back.

Businesses exist to make profits but companies that support their communities and their employees prove that they are worth doing business with because they understand that without happy customers and employees they will not be successful.

By following these four points your business will be able to create your own advocates that actively generate business for your company and increase your profits at no additional expense to you.

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