We’ve all heard that we’re destroying the planet, but much of the human race shrugs it off and we continue our cycle of destruction. Many people feel that the issue is not that urgent, or they do not feel an impact in their daily lives that would instill a sense of immediacy.

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This innovative ad from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund, aka World Wide Fund for Nature) speaks to the deforestation of the Amazon (read more at the WWF’s website http://www.panda.org). As more paper is used from this public restroom’s tissue dispenser, the user can immediately see the very real depletion of the Amazon.

This ad was run to preempt the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, continuing in Bali, Indonesia today (December 3 – 14, 2007 – read more). Will this ad end global warming? I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. But it did certainly give me pause. Hats off.


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