Creatives from Vancouver based design firm smashLAB, recently launched an amazing site called Design Can Change. The site is a non-commercial effort with the desire to bring together businesses and designers to contribute to becoming more eco-conscious.

According to the site, the intent of Design Can Change is to:

  • Bring together the design community to leverage our collective strength
  • Establish a set of definitive standards that we can all readily implement
  • Showcase the work of designers committed to the environment
  • Promote designers and studios who embrace sustainable practices
  • Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable-thinking

Beginning with some basic info on climate change and it’s causes, the site’s real meat is in the Community and Resources sections. Under community you can find info about other designers working with ecological sensitivity in mind. This section promises a full directory of designers and design firms is coming soon. Resources contains info on books, websites and blogs to read, a gallery of sustainable design projects and a tools section.

The Design Can Change is ever so elegant, expertly designed and well researched. The natives over here at the jungle give smashLAB and their commitment to contributing to change a big [green] thumbs up!

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