did that laundry detergent just hit on me??

I’m not used to lines like “I Promise I’ll be Gentle”, or “I Care About You, Baby” when strolling through the home cleaning product section at my local super market. Especially not when coming from the cleaning supplies themselves. A laundry detergent whispering sweet nothings like, “I’ll Make Everything All White”, or a very forward multi-surface cleaner assuring “I’ll Love Your Every Surface”. A naughty laundry powder asserts “I’ll Do Your Dirty Work”. They also promise to do all these things while being kind to the environment. Hmm, too good to be true?

Not if you’re in New Zealand, where consulting expert Brigid Hardy’s new B_E_E (Beauty Engineered for Ever) line of household cleaning products has been making customers blush and buy at high rates. Hardy started researching why eco-friendly brands weren’t considered “cool”, and designed the line to fill the need for a designer earth-friendly, high-quality cleaning product. The products come in clear white bottles, with simple, stylish design that emphasizes their eye-grabbing lines. Says the makers of B_E_E:

? “We believe being green doesn’t mean you have to compromise on beauty and performance. So everything we do is designed for pleasure, function and the environment.”?

Um, so when are these saucy little cleaners making it to the Western Hemisphere???



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  1. Michael says:


    Now, I’m horny.

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