Personal Brand or A Business?

Very many entrepreneurs and business people always get confused about the difference between branding a business and branding a person but one must know that branding is a way of clearly showing what makes you as a person, your goods and services far different and more attractive to customers than your competitors. Therefore, when an entrepreneur is starting up a business, he must be sure if he either wants to brand the business first or brand himself first thus knowing the difference between branding a business and branding a person first will give you a clear picture and direction of what to do first.

When you decide to brand a business, you must build a brand either around a service, an idea or a value thus a brand name and its value are related and connected. Therefore, this shows that a brand will have a chain of products or different product lines, programs and services below its umbrella and therefore making it easy for employees to be interchanged.
When branding a person, one must build a brand basing on one’s talent charisma and expertise. This will hence show that that you are the face of the brand, your voice is the voice for all and your photo and likeness are used by visual brand.

It is therefore important to know that in business, you may have all your products and services branded and yet when you are also the brand celebrity or expert leading your own company.

As an entrepreneur, you may want to either first build a brand around yourself and then expand the business later or branding the business first and then earn your celebrity by reputation later but whichever way you decide since all can work for you, you must pick one primary brand and decide on whether you a branding the business first or branding the person first.

It is therefore important to be clear on what you are branding, a business or a person rather than mixing the two thus creating confusion.
After knowing the difference between branding a business and branding a person will make you achieve your set targets and goals in business.

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