There have been rumblings for a while about animal fats going into bio-diesel production. Now, the rumors are reality. Tyson—the mega meat distributor—will be supplying waste animal fats and agricultural byproducts to Syntroleum of Tulsa OK, where it will be coverted to biodiesel. Which means, vehicles running on B20, or pump biodiesel, will be burning a small percentage of animal fat in the near future, which brings up an important question: What about the vegetarians and vegans? What are they to drive?

The consumer influence of the leaf eaters is pervasive and broad. Fast food franchises have had meat alternatives on their menus for years now. As biofuels proliferate, the filling stations will have to cooperate and make the veg-crowd happy with vegetarian diesel first, then organic veggie-diesel and eventually vegan diesel. The raw crowd will have to wait for some sort of new technology–chopped celery is said to destroy even the most durable internal combustion engine.

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