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don’t drink the water!

If your an L.A. resident and haven’t read the local papers today, you may have missed out on an article covering an event with frightening implications for current or former tap-water drinkers. Recently, The Department of Water and Power covered the entire surface of Ivanhoe reservoir with floating black-plastic balls. Why? Because when the mixture of bromide and chlorine found in reservoir drinking water is exposed to sunlight, the carcinogen bromate is formed. The DWP says it’s nothing to be alarmed about—state health officials the dangers of tap water are “minimal because bromate poses a small cancer risk only after consumed daily over a lifetime.”

Hey DWP, we’re wondering:

-If bromate’s nothing to worry about, why are you covering the reservoir in plastic balls?

-Do you have plans to cover the rest of LA County’s drinking water reservoirs?

-How does one know if their cancer affliction is the result of LA county tap-water exposure?

-Do you plan to compensate those with cancer resulting from bromate exposure, or families of the deceased?

-Do the plastic balls contain any chemicals harmful to humans?

This is yet another reason to avoid tap water for anything other than showers, baths, washing your car and watering the lawn. The DWP should stop with the publicity stunts and simply admit that LA county water is totally unsafe for drinking, and then start some drinking water distribution program.

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