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Don’t Let the Wrong Social Network Kill Your Brand

The good old days of finding new customers by throwing up a nice website are long gone. To successfully build an effective brand all businesses must utilize the social media networks intelligently.  Top brand companies have already made the shift from a static approach to one of interacting and engaging with their customers.  If your business is ready to get in the game you must decide which social network is best to reach your target customer. This quick introduction will make it easy for you to get started on the right path.
If your business sells consumer products and services Facebook is an excellent platform to utilize. Many books have been written on “how to use Facebook” for business but the best way to use it is to simply ask questions of the people who have liked your page.  Interact with those people regularly by asking them to tell you about an experience, an opinion, or products they really like (or dislike).  The topics aren’t as important as the fact that you building a relationship with them.
Businesses to business type of company’s usually see good results by networking on LinkedIn.  The best way to do this is to join a LinkedIn group that focuses on the same industry or profession that you do.  Then all you need to do is participate in discussions, ask and answer questions, and provide valuable content. The power of using LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but even more targeted to potential business contacts.
Twitter is the best social networking tool for people whose business is dependent on their identity.  Like an author or a personal trainer for example.   The best way to build the respect of your followers is to start conversations with the authorities of your field.  By following your industry leaders your brand will be strengthened by the association.  If you offer valuable tweets and contributions they may follow you back.  You should try to make this happen as it will grow your following and reputation very quickly.
YouTube is the place to network if you operate a craftsman, mechanic or other “hands-on” type of business.  It will allow you to show people exactly what your company is capable of and provides an excellent way to interact by commenting, posting related videos and sharing related content.
Building a valuable brand is a job that never really ends.  To build a successful brand you must utilize the same social networks that your target customers are using.  At first, try to avoid setting up more channels than you can manage effectively.  Status updates, posts, tweets and comments all need to be relatively current or it will damage your company’s image.  Now that you know which social network is right for your brand you can start building it and better customer relationships today.

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