“drive-by” art

Ever wish you lived in a hip art gallery district? Well, if you live anywhere in LA, a man named Peter Schulberg just might have turned your not-so-little neighborhood into a public venue for art. Peter Schulberg’s Eco-Logical Art gallery is having an art opening entitled ReVisions on January 12—up on the billboards of LA.

When Peter Schulberg discovered several years ago that old billboard vinyl was thrown into landfills, he came up with the idea to take the discarded vinyl and use it as canvas for new art. His gallery allowed people to discover pieces of fine art over what was once ad space. But on January 12, the fine art is leaving the building and going back up on the billboards.

Through the month of December, Peter Schulberg had several events to allow the public watch the painters transfer works of art onto the recycled vinyl at the Eco-Logical Art gallery on West Pico Blvd. I’m definitely sad I missed the opportunity, but at least the art show, for anyone driving around LA, will be hard to miss.

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