The key to effectively building a firm’s brand is to uncover the brand within not invent one.  It’s similar to how a detective solves a mystery or how an anthropologist pieces together an ancient culture. Branding experts have to learn about the company and find the key elements that really define it. It’s readily apparent when a company gets off course and tries things that are outside of their brand.  These efforts almost always end in failure because they are stretching into things they don’t inherently do well.
The brand of any company is born out of the authentic and natural traits of the company. There is no way to find a successful brand and try to attach it to another company.  That will never work or be accepted by the market.  Many times it’s obvious to the customers more so than the company owners or staff what their brand should be.
Any company’s brand should be the thing that makes them different from other companies.  It’s what makes them better than the competition.  Branding can be impossible for companies that try to be everything to everybody.  The trick is to focus what makes a company better than its competition to a particular group of customers. The customers have options so the brand should make it crystal clear why your company is the best choice.
A brand campaign that develops feelings of being included in something special is incredibly powerful.  It’s like they are joining a special club that only customers of the company are allowed to be a part of.   Every company would love to have an effective brand that pulls people in that way.
Another extremely effective branding technique is to establish an emotional connection between product and customer.  This connection has been shown to guide buying decisions more often than not for many consumers.  How often do you simply buy something because you feel better about it than the competing products?  This is especially true if the product makes you feel better about yourself.
Take name-brand products versus generic or store brand products for example.  Everyone feels better about themselves if they buy the name brand even if the products are really exactly the same.   Always remember for a brand to really stick in people’s minds it has evoked some emotion for them.

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