Thanks to the Internet, business managers and owners can now easily and quickly monitor how their brands are perceived by consumers. Before the advent of the online media, brand perception was monitored through actual sales figures, surveys, and focus group discussions. These days, numerous consumers use online venues to air their rants and raves about specific products and brands.

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Monitoring a brand online can be as easy as finding and reading consumers’ feedbacks. A business has to respond to any complaint, directly or indirectly. Praises has to be taken as compliments that can inspire a company to keep up good work.

Brand monitoring online can help you answer basic questions about consumers’ perception and reception of products or services. Do they hate or love your brand? Are they providing several suggestions to make the brand better? Answers to these questions are obtained through brand monitoring.

Why do you need to monitor perception about your brand online? It is important to know whether your business is doing well or not. You should know which aspects of the business to improve. At the same time, monitoring can affirm your data about customer base, as well as their needs and wants. Lastly, monitoring can help you come up with damage control.

Monitoring your brand is about knowing and responding to consumers’ complaints, questions, or praises. There is a need to make customers think there are real people behind your brand. Here are several recommended tools that can facilitate brand monitoring effectively and less costly.

Google searches

Google is still the most widely used search engine globally. It is possible to monitor any mention of your brand across the Internet. Sign up for Google Alerts and find out what people say about your business. What is ideal about this service is that the coverage is beyond social media. You can monitor any mention of your brand in other venues like Websites, blogs, and news stories.


Needless to say, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites used by people from around the world today. Through the site, consumers can ‘like’ any post or make comments. Conversations are facilitated through the site as well. Setting up your brand’s own Facebook Page is recommended. The site’s search feature can also be explored for the purpose of finding comments and feedbacks about your brand.


It is interesting to know how your brand is perceived by Twitter users. It is easier to track tweets through using hashtags (#) and replies/mentions (@). Twitter users usually use #hashtags to categorize their messages so those are easily and quickly searchable by other Twitter users. You can search for and read some tweets about your business through searching using your brand name in #hashtags.

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