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enlightenment on fluorescent bulbs

In a global interest in efficient energy-saving effort Professor Hui from the City University in Honk Kong university put into light the limit of fluorescent light bulbs and their damaging consequences on our environment.

Far from raising any controversy, his tone is set nonetheless while underlining and questioning their lifetime, the toxicity of their components, and their dangerous relationship.

Seen as the electricity energy savior every household, every company swears, praises those eco-friendly labeled lamps that revealed to be friendlier to our wallets rather than to our ecosystem.

According to Hui not only don’t those lamps last longer but they are also highly toxic when landed on the landfill at the end of their life cycle.The facts state that those CFLs last at its maximum 10,000 hours. They also claim that “every 10 degree increase in operating temperature…the lifetime drops by 50%”. It means that they will end up to the garbage disposal sooner and more often than predicted! And, given their high toxicity level the environment and its inhabitants will be the first to pay the tab health wise.

In his analysis, Hui pinpoints two targets to eliminate: The presence of PBDE (flame retardant) in their coating, affects the liver, the thyroid and the neuro-development.? Banned by the State of California in June 2006, why are those lamps on the market still? Ohhh, only effective in 2008? So my question would be why to ban them in 2006 for the legislation to be applied two years later?

Mercury is the second highly toxic chemicals encountered in their composition. With 3 to 5 milligrams per lamp, whereas human tolerance is at a microgram level, every household detain a potential mini personal bomb. As a potent neurotoxin, the danger will be when the bulbs break, its vapors inhaled by whoever at its proximity, its liquid composition absorbed by the soil will highly contaminate the surroundings.

In spite of the danger they represent, the Environmental Protection Agency is aggressively promoting those non recyclable fluorescent bulbs. Torn apart between Hui and the EPA, who must we believe, Hui promoting an alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lights, the magnetic CFL that still contains mercury or to adopt a responsible behavior required by the EPA that invites distributors and consumers to self-education by recycling in waste facilities?

When governments tergiversate, the European Commission stepped up the plate by asking EU nations to back a ban on exports of mercury from 2011. The CEFIC, the main European lobby agreed! A worldwide agreement to reduce human and environmental exposure to mercury is the next objective! As the bulb lights up, here is a good idea!

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