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Exploiting Animal Cruelty – Put Me in a Cage & Call Me Concerned

Manufacturing a “Look at Me, I’m so Concerned!” Response

There’s no argument animal cruelty is not good. Please know this is being written from an animal lover and someone who has volunteered countless hours working with them. But this post is not about it me. It’s about the smiling folks at Lush Cosmetics in London. See them smiling here:

Oh, did you notice the cute girl with green hair topped with a pretty bow in the cage? She’s protesting animal cruelty.

In an article on Brand Week entitled  Lush Cosmetics: Cruelty-Free, Not Controversy-Free:

A tough-to-watch, controversy-stirring videotaped event by Lush Cosmetics in the U.K. involved a performance artist undergoing animal laboratory tests in the window of Lush Regent Street London in April to raise awareness of their fight against animal testing in cosmetics.

Jacqueline Traides, 24, spent ten hours in the store window and was subjected to force-feeding, injections, hair shaving and other extreme discomfort while restrained. She later blogged, “It was somewhere after the fourth hour of this live act that I found my self asking the question ‘why exactly am i here?’. I realised then that it was not to Lush, nor to the onlookers but to the beings, animals and humans alike, that endure such suffering without choice.”

Intended to shock, thousands of passerby signed the brand’s petition on the spot, while the performance was also streamed live on a website where viewers could sign. “I hope it will plant the seed of a new awareness in people to really start thinking about what they go out and buy and what goes into producing it,” said Traides.

Cal a spade a spade and I call this a publicity stunt.

And, I bet they sold more product..

We suspect this campaign was designed to position the brand as one  against animal cruelty,  intended to shock the public,  garner publicity, make a brand statement and ultimately make $$.

Do you think it was a successful approach?


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