fairey, obeyma or disobey?

obamaLongtime seen in the collective imagination as a controversial, rebel mind, Fairey just lost my admiration as the father of urban dis-obey-dience. He just found his master, Obama, by participating in his campaign.

In a mix of strategic, almost patriotic layers of blue, red and beige, the pastiche of Bansky (his heroe), invites as a propagandist illustrator of the second world war era, to vote, his opinion.

In the Russian constructivist style, his advertising reminds me more of dictatorships and the cult of the personality resulting, than the lineaments of any democracy.

Is it a solicitation to “obey” to his candidate’s views? Based upon, please? Because ” he’s against the war “! So do Hillary and Mac Cain ! Because “he seems to to speak his mind “!

Design aside – ENOUGH! I’m sorry, Fairey but the lines of argumentation to support your ideas are frankly in a vacuum.

DISOBEY is propaganda messages as a whole! My act of defiance!

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