There is no question that human beings need water to survive. Then again, they also need a planet to survive on. With the overwhelming increase in the production and distribution of plastic water bottles over the last thirty years, the two needs are becoming mutually exclusive. The amount of fossil fuels spent hauling around massive quantities of water is staggering, as is the distressing statistic that nine out of ten plastic water bottles end up in landfills. With Nalgene bottles providing a convenient alternative for drinkers on the go (not to mention chemical tests proving there is no real difference between bottled and tap water), how long can the water industry sustain it’s $15 billion a year sales rate? The answer is a resounding “not very long.” With more and more information about the detrimental and unnecessary effects of bottled water being released every day, not even the most skilled branders will be able to promote images of purity from these water companies. The time has come for us as a society to turn to what we’ve got on tap, and let the environmental distress caused by water bottles go down the drain.

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