Branding Value Now Conscious Thoughts,Political Activism fox news, f*ck news, f*ck fox news!

fox news, f*ck news, f*ck fox news!

At a fraternal leftist gathering-demonstration heading towards the democratic convention last week in Denver, Colorado, smart-like (only!), preadolescent preppy looking Fox reporter, in his attempt to melt and sympathize with the jovial crowd, got the surprise of his life!

Reporters in their arrogance always think rightly or wrongly that the wearing of the press badge entitles them (and thus subordinates the others) to disturb any cause, motivations or passion with the fallacious pretext to collect information, opinions related to the occurring event.

For once (and hopefully not the last) in the media broadcasting landscape and history, a TV channel got the slap of its quiet “news” reporting life!

Leftists, according to me are among all political branches more inclined to independent thinking, to reach for social justice and therefore more prompt to rebel against authority and established systems. For once, in the country of freedom of speech young leftists liberated themselves by expressing their beliefs genuinely. Their voices shot in concert what a majority thinks loudly (?), a sweet alliteration in f, “fuck Fox News”! They couldn’t be clearer in the content of their message!

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