Frederic J. Baur honored by his peers


Andy Warhol’s tomato soup can design revolutionized the world of Art and Advertising when it first smiled at a customer on the shelf of a grocery store. No one then imagined that Campbell’s destinity was sealed to Posterity.

Few years later, a very personalized, identifiable potatoe crisps container launched Pringles to perennity.? Its author Frederic J.Baur. Master in his chemistry laboratory, he developed the tubular concept to trigger commitment to the brand and he succeeded.

If I refer to him today, it’s because he left this world in his Pringles container! it was his last wish! The goddess of the potatoe crisps blesses you!

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2 thoughts on “Frederic J. Baur honored by his peers”

  1. sarah says:

    Pride in craftsmanship… Does it still exist? We no longer have the colonial-era cobbler who hand- selects his leather and remembers by heart the shape of each villager’s foot once he’s fitted it… now we have Payless mass-produced footware sold by people who don’t even look up during the transaction. Most products pass through so many hands during development and manufacture that a sense of ownership or pride is never really established by any one person.
    So, call me sentimental or just plain strange, but when I heard Dr. Frederick J Baur asked his children to bury his ashes in a Pringle’s can, well, I thought it was sweet.
    Now the only question is, what flavor did they bury him in, Original or Sour Cream and Onion?

  2. byron anfinson says:

    Interesting. I keep thinking though, that while “you can’t take it with you”, you can send it on ahead (by giving while here). God sees what we do, what we give and rewards us.

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