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French Ad Campaign – Love and Creepy Crawlies..

…All I can say is, “GOTTA LOVE THE FRENCH!” Personally I think this an awesome campaign, personally challenges my comfort levels. Thoughts?

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31 thoughts on “French Ad Campaign – Love and Creepy Crawlies..”

  1. shadowman says:

    Hi! How r u?
    nice site!

  2. Kris says:

    Incredible concept, but only the French can pull it off

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  4. Keisha says:

    this is really disgusting and uncalled for. please take this off the internet, or at least try not to make is so easily accessible to children!

  5. Hae says:

    To Keisha
    You obviously have a very narrow and closed mind. This is not a porno ad but an awareness ad for AIDS…if you wouldn’t have been so quick to make an assumption, you would have noticed that. Its truly sad to know I live in a world with people like you that don’t even take time to view all the facts before you make a fool out of yourself. If you don’t want your kids to view such a message…then I suggest you don’t let them use the net at all nor let them out of your home because they eventually will VERY very soon. Don’t close their minds but rather EDUCATE them properly 😀

  6. Erinn says:

    i actauallt think that this picture will educate my fellow class mates and peers as it speaks the truth!!! don’t do inapropreite things because you don’t know where or wat the person as doing before you.. and think of it the chance of getting aids gets bigger and bigger so i think that this picture says “on’t epp with nyone or anything before you and that person or thing get tested for aids or other sexualy transmitted dieses.. and this is coming from a grade 8 girl who already has been taught and knows about all dierent things so i think that these are good eductional photo’s.

  7. splat star says:

    erinn has a good point of veiw because nay kid old enough to know what sex is should learn more about sexaul transmited dieses before they my do something realy stuppied and have sex and/or get a dieses. thanx erinn for you comment.~Gr.9~boy

  8. bob says:

    erinn? 8th grade you say? Better brush up on your spelling.

  9. Matt says:

    This campaign has received strong positive reactions, apart from Keisha.
    I feel Hae is a hypocryte in accusing Keisha of being quick to assume. I believe,like splat that, educating people about infections and diseases at the same time as educating about sex is essential.
    However no one appears to have approached the method the french have used.
    Yes to a person who understands AIDS, understands what the advertisement is telling you.
    However in defence of Keisha, where does it tell you what is going on? A child with no knowledge of AIDS, who stumbled across the pictures, would be left disturbed gaining nothing from the promotion, only unjustified fear.

  10. Katie says:

    NASTYYYYY but funny

  11. dave says:

    what an awsum campaign great use of imagination,:)

  12. Heather says:

    hmmm this doesn’t make me think of aids awareness, maybe if there were some words or something in it besides the little box in the corner that says AIDES. btw why is there an E in it?

  13. Thom says:

    shocking enough to remember. isnt that the point?

  14. Ness says:

    I’m French and I haven’t seen this campaign yet in France. It is quite funny to discover it on an American website with comments…
    Just to answer Heather, the E allows to create a play on words AIDES meaning HELPS in French. Aids wouldn’t mean anything to a French person, the disease being called SIDA in French.
    By the way, it is true that at first sight it is a disturbing campaign, you can’t say it doesn’t catch the eye but isn’t it what is to be done regarding AIDS: shock people? Today many young people think AIDS is not a problem since you can live with it. They should realise what tragedy it is !

  15. Ness says:

    Just to ad: the comment written at the bottom of the ad says: ” Without a condom it is actually with AIDS that you are making love. Protect yourself.” So we can say AIDS is definitely represented by a monster !

  16. andy says:

    Hi…can someone please explain to me the real concept of this ad campaign please…
    and also who design this campaign.


  17. Kikka + Kikko says:

    No comment.

    Love French!!

  18. Tom says:

    I think that this is a perfect way to shock people in to learning about AIDS. As a Graphic designer i think that it shows the great design’s and ideas being shown in the 21st centuary!

  19. dee (aust) says:

    I agree with TOM. . . super work made in 21st century. Love their twisted message. Wee Wee good work guys 🙂

  20. ali says:


  21. Danny says:

    It’s interesting to note that, with the exception of Hae, the French person who commented on this page is the only one to speak and punctuate in English properly.

  22. Enrique says:

    As a graphic designer I think that this is a great graphic but as a person walking the streets I don’t see how this ad will ever keep people from spreading AIDS. I also believe this to be a shockingly disturbing image that can leave an adult shuttering for a week not to mention a small child. As far as spreading awareness, most people are aware that AIDS exists and of the ways it is spread. A tiny box in the corner that says AIDES is not spreading awareness and it is not going to shock people into learning about AIDS.

  23. ali says:

    sexy good

  24. joe says:

    itd be cooler if they would have a crab in the picture. haha

  25. Tarkus58 says:

    Shocking as the disease AIDS is! Nothing wrong with a little visualization of what you are dealing with. The lady, who wanted it to be removed is probably the person in the high-risk category, because she refuses to face the facts nor does she make a clear educational point with her kids.
    I think an ad campaign this krass is overdue in many countries –like the USA!
    However, lets not over do it. This is not to be posted all over the country on bill boards. It can be spread sensitively into adult accessible magazines and web sites. That would probably reach the correct target group.

  26. jhonny says:

    well this add i the best ive seen its true u wouldnt want aids so the insects like a scopion u wount want to be stung by which represents you wount want aids its so decucational and i think the english should come up with one insted of useing the shitty ones they have about golleroa and that. french people have great minds

  27. me says:

    ur all freaks

  28. Kirsty says:

    “Hi…can someone please explain to me the real concept of this ad campaign please…
    and also who design this campaign.


    REALLY?! Do you actually need this advert to be explained to you? AIDS is nasty. Giant Creepy Crawlies are nasty. If you have unprotected sex, you are increasing your chances of getting AIDS.
    How on earth can you not grasp that??
    (Try not to use a language barrier as an excuse, please; I’m English, the advert is French, and I understand perfectly).
    I think it’s truly shocking, but shock tactics have been proven to work… and I agree that maybe this isn’t quite censored enough to put on billboards… but maybe on television after the watershed?
    Overall, I think it’s a great advert campaign.

  29. doby says:

    Ladies, You can’t get AIDS from somebody eating you out. Nor can you give it. Not one case has ever been documented. Besides that, it’s a fantastic Ad campaign.

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