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One of the many interests of jungle 8‘s founder, Lainie Liberti is her passion for dance, performance and a Japanese art form combining the two called “Butoh”. She began practicing Butoh after answering an open call put forth by the founders of the performance collective Corpus Delecti. Corpus Delecti formed just over 5 years ago, in response to the pending US- Iraq invasion. Through the vehicle and practice of the Butoh art form, the group provided an outlet for Los Angeles area artists to participate as part of a collaborative, “performing” in protest of the on the streets of Los Angeles.

Over the past 5 years, Corpus Delecti performed well over 100 times in theaters (including Disney’s RedCat Theatre, Highways Performance Space, Hollywood Forever – Day of the Dead + many more) gallery spaces, public gatherings and protests featuring their ever-present ghostly “slow walk” on the streets of Los Angeles.

The latest adventure down the rabbit hole for Corpus Delecti will be their production “GLOBAL BUTOH”, two evenings May 25 & 26 at Highways in Santa Monica. This show features one of the first gen Butoh masters from Japan, Katsura Kan, Corpus Delecti, Black Stone Ensemble from San Francisco, plus an installation, two photo exhibits and videos and films documenting Corpus Delecti’s body of work.

Katsura Kan, a native of Kyoto, Japan, Kan is a Master Butoh artist from the ranks of the first generation of Butoh (he performed with the seminal Butoh troupe Byakkosha, 1979-1981). Now, Kan is a celebrated solo artist and collaborative performer, as well as choreographer.

So, if you’re anywhere near LA, we highly recommend you attend. For only $20, performances both Fri & Sat May 25 & 26 at 8:30pm. jungle 8 designed the invitations, programs and press kits for the event. We’re going to be there, you should to. And be sure to say hello to lainie liberti as she takes your ticket at the door.

For more information, here’s a handy-dandy link.

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  1. I am a student of Tamano Koichi and Hiroko from 1988-1994 Harupin-Ha. (The Tamanos will be in Joshua Tree on the 27th). Is there a workshop for your events in Santa Monica?

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