Branding Value Now Fine Art Good things come in Threes?

Good things come in Threes?

Films Chinatown and The Two Jakes have been recently (November 6, 2007) re-released in special collector’s editions. Both are film noir classics, as well as provocative responses to local LA ecology and politics disguised as suspenseful mystery films. And what can be better than watching a film on LA while living in LA?

The plots of both films revolve around private-eye Jake Gittes, played by Jack Nicholson, as he solves cases in mid-century LA’s gritty underbelly. However, the not-so-subtle, underlying theme of each film is a particular element of Los Angeles: Chinatown and water, The Two Jakes and oil. The last film of the unfinished trilogy, Cloverleaf, was never produced, but would have unmistakably alluded to LA freeways. Sad that the re-release does not mean we will ever see the third and final installment, so in this case, we will have to believe two is just as good as three.

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