With the recent increase of the gas at the pump, drivers look at biodiesel and hybrid cars as their next investment in matter of efficiency at the consumption. As the environment conscious people regard at the Prius as the car of the year, with Goodwin playing the Da Vinci or the killjoy of the automobile sector, the Hummer so decried will regain the admiration once lost.

Since age 6, Jonathan Goodwin discovered that disassembling and reassembling pieces, parts of a mechanism could be informative and fun before it led to be a passion. Put into practice to the real world and its gravitating problems, as a result cars have no secret for the magician.

To the question, which car is faster between a Lamborghini and a 1965 Impala, all the bookmakers will unanimously bet their crocodile-made shoes on the Lamborghini. And they would loose since Goodwin’s magic green hands transform any vehicle to the last fuel efficient technology.

What is the catch? None since nothing is sacrificed. Usually to go green implies a diminution of the car performance (pressing on the accelerator affected the guilt area of our brain, for pollution or consumption reasons) therefore deterrent for whoever identifies himself to the performances of a vehicle. Goodwin proved by competing a Lamborghini versus a 1965 Impala, that his green conversion was a positive and challenging addition to the little changes required by the global warming specter.

What is his secret then? Undoubtedly sharp knowledge on mechanics and savoir-faire. To eliminate the gas drawbacks, engines and transmissions are extirpated. The key to the open surgery is the Duramax engines peered with the Allison transmissions. Contrary to the common thinking, diesel engines augment the torque (the power output of an engine is expressed as torque multiplied by rotational speed). From a level of 600 foot-pounds in a gas engine, it pulses to an average of 850 for a diesel! Set your seat belt for the amateurs of speed.

If you love your Hummer and you desire to leave a clean footprint on earth, why not considering a little retrofitting. So far, 160 Hummers went under Goodwin’s scalpel successfully! Isnt’ it the opportunity to reconcile your love for performances and fuel efficiency?

With Goodwin, Good wins!

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