Content is changing before our very eyes. Although copy still wields a lot of power, it doesn’t command the attention it did in past times. The web is moving at a faster paced than ever, and since internet users are pressed for time, they want to digest the abundance of information at their fingertips as quickly as possible. Visual content offers a way to get the same message across in a way that is faster to process and arguably more effective than copy alone.

The visual web era is in full effect, with images, videos, infographics and other engaging material  being revealed as the content forms that will lead us into the future. Brands will need to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly in order to survive this dramatic shift.


Harness the Power of Photos

Visual content marketing doesn’t have to be a complicated adjustment. In fact, it could be as simple as making optimal use of the photos you have laying around. For instance, pictures of you or your team offer a powerful way to personalize the engagement experience with customers and fans by putting a face on your brand. You can also pull pictures from the numerous stock photo sites to enhance the effectiveness of your copy. The image photos place in their minds can make your brand more approachable from the “About Us” page all the way to the social profile.

Tell a Compelling Story

The best content often tells a good story, and the visual kind is perfectly suited for the job. Even better is the fact that it offers a variety of ways to tell that story. Video, for example, is a medium brands have been using to tell stories for years. It just so happens that the web makes it incredibly convenient to access. A slideshow presentation composed of simple images can be used in a similar manner. Whether it’s demonstrating a new product to a potential client or training employees, the storytelling approach can work wonders at getting your point across.

Spice Up Your Data

Just about every industry thrives on information and statistics. If you regularly share information with your niche, visual content can help you distribute it in a way that is much easier to digest. Infographics is the name of this game. Infographics is a prime example of how visual content can make what is ordinarily complex information easier to consume. Whether it’s sharing information with your audience or with your team internally, this unique method of distributing data has proven to be highly effective. There are design challenges, but the payoff is huge.

Promote Your Brand

Visual content marketing can be a great brand booster — if used correctly. The visualization aspect gives your brand elements tremendous resonation with the people who encounter them.
When you go to create your videos, infographics, presentations, and other marketing materials, don’t forget to incorporate your brand identity into the design. Surely there is a spot just right for your company logo, colors, and slogan. This is your opportunity to tap into the emotions of your audience. Seize the moment.

Find What Works

It’s easy to jump on the online video bandwagon just because it’s a hot ticket. While video is indeed a powerful weapon, it may not necessarily fit into your arsenal. In order to flourish at visual content marketing, you need to find out what works for you and your business. More often than not, this will translate to what works best for your audience. I recommend monitoring a few trends, and keeping your eyes peeled for those that will enable you to deliver the most value to your supporters. It’s a twist on marketing, but the importance of value remains the same.

Visualize Content Marketing Success

The trend of using visual content as a core marketing component has been emerging for quite some time, but it just recently started to pick up noticeable steam. Experts are predicting that 2013 will be the year it takes off like a rocket. I’m no gambler, but I certainly wouldn’t bet against it. Businesses need a way to stand out from the crowd and aside from the competitive aspect, the rewards are just too darn attractive to pass up.

What are your thoughts on the visual content era? Have you made it a part of your content marketing mix? Let us know in a comment.



About the Author: Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Email, a best practices event marketing company.

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