I just enjoyed great blog entry from Brand Company “Branding Brand” called How to Brand Your Small Business Without Spending Any Money. (I do know, the last sentence contained several “brands” but sometimes, just gotta throw caution to the wind.) Here are some highlights from the article, but we recommend you read it in it’s entirety here.

Step 1 – Create your message

Here are some examples for very generic businesses that find it hard to stand out with a different message:

Fast Food Chinese
• Higher quality Chinese Food.
• We Speak English.

Beauty Salon
• Sophisticated styling
• The Salon for women on the go.

• The comforting office.
• Where everybody knows your name.

Fashion Boutique
• We sell clothing for women serious about fashion
• Where powerful women shop.

Oh, and Make sure you’re able to Deliver! If you say you’re the best in the world at something, please make sure you actually are, or you’ll look like an idiot!

To read the rest of the steps, be sure to see their blog. Some really great ideas there!!! They are:

Step 2 – Offline Branding ideas.

Step 3 – Online Branding ideas

Step 4 – PR strategies

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