Everything’s going freakin green these days. However some things, you’d have to think, would be given a pass, like things/events that celebrate decadence or violence. For example, would we expect bullfight promoters to go green? Or how bout “green” cockfights in which roosters are fed organic chicken feed, and events are lit with electricity from sustainable sources, like solar power. Green brothels, green porn shoots, green crack cocaine, green capital punishment in which prisoners are juiced with wind-generated electricity—where exactly are we going with this? Aren’t we entitled to an escape from green, sustainable consciousness every once in a while? Doesn’t it get annoying?

A good portion of the green-thumping segment of American society, especially the younger folk, enjoys a bit of clubbing a partying every now and then, some more than others. Somehow, clubbing institutions have been given a pass. Clubs burn massive amounts of electricity for party-goers—probably enough to power a small city for a month—to power the lighting, sound systems, and air conditioning. The clubs generate tons of trash and use a lot of water, yet nobody seems to care or even consider the negative environmental effects from clubbing. A heavy clubber could have a very high carbon footprint compared to a person who sleeps at night. But hey, it’s all in the name of fun right? Nobody should feel guilty about partying, correct?

Club 4 Climate
in the UK seeks to capitalize on widespread green guilt. The entity has branded itself as a green nightclub, complete with a green-colored website and words like “sustainable” flashing on the screen. The website claims proceeds for its events go to an environmental organization stateside called Friends of the Earth, which appears to be legit. Of course, how much is donated and how often are not specified. What else makes them green? Donating to an environmental organization surely doesn’t erase all sins, right? Club 4 Climate, get this, will host an event in which “energy will come from urine and sweat from clubbers and toilets will be flushed by rainwater.” Wow, they figured it out!! Those wacky club-guys in London figured out how to make megawatts of electricity from urine and sweat. Impressive! What’s next, sound systems powered by good vibes and mojo? What about cold-fusion using hemp seeds as a fuel rather than radioactive materials, or hydro-electric generators that run on spilled drinks?

I guess it’s OK to lie about your organizations green attributes when none of your clientèle wants/cares about environmental causes when paying for your goods/services. There’s really nothing green about Club 4 Climate other than their branding, but it brings up an interesting question: Should certain activities/pastimes be given a pass not to be green?

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