Green Glossary

Here is a great glossary of green terms found on the Green Daily site. The glossary is a great resource because not only are the terms collected, defined in one page, sources and links are included. Here are a couple of sample terms:

Green Glossary

Carbon Footprint

The total amount of CO2 released over the life cycle of a living creature, product or service. Many human activities, including driving, using electricity or even throwing out your garbage (without recycling) can cause increases in CO2.

According to the World Resources Institute, your total carbon footprint would account for all of the energy used to produce the products and services that you consume, as well as all of your other activities. A carbon footprint tallies all greenhouse gases together, in units of carbon dioxide equivalents.

Global Warming

This is the gradual increase of the temperature of the Earth’s lower atmosphere as a result of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a series of reports describing the latest results of worldwide scientific research into global warming. The panel found that “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level.”

For more, be sure to visit Green Daily.

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