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Once again (and surely not the last) Northern California has been inspired by Oregon innovated in eco-consciousness. Even if the subject -greening- has not been exhausted and tend to be unfortunately rebarbative to the ear of the consumer, Portland has decided to be green therefore beautiful from head to toe.

Usually we utilize the environment to meet and serve our desiderata, with Green Microgym, the aesthete that we all are (in mind at least!), conscious of the image that we ideally project of our repressive society, will pamper one’s body by giving back to the environment, not in the common way by trashing regardless of its influence on the biosphere but with an eye on the future.

Maybe too aware of the beauty of their environment, of the fragility of their natural heritage Oregon’s lovers and activists vow such dedication to their state, region of glaciated cascade volcanoes, rainforests, prairies, plateau, mountains (Mount Hood), basins with the prestigious Crater Lake, that to perfect their Adonis look, to improve their health without disastrous repercussions, the solution will rhyme with Green Microgym.

As a cliche in the collective mind, to be eco-friendly not only do we have to reduce the harmfulness of our impact but also to save energy, in that perspective Green Microgym with its fitness new formula sets the customer as a cog of the cycling, recycling process, mechanism. Alternative energies such as wind, sun considered as the primary sources couple harmoniously with the human energy, new in the agenda.

“Pedal energy”, “wind generating-bikes”, “energy-saving ceiling fans”, “paperless billing” everything is studied at its detail for the health of the environment and the comfort of the customer. Environment is king now! Where is the old adage, first the customer?

Giving that we pursue the minimum use of energy, let’s embrace its spiral by endorsing a more minimalist behavior consisting in exercising outdoors? No treadmills state-of-the-art energy-saving but challenging mountainous escarpments, no wind generating-bikes but the principle of the wheel and strong muscles, no floors made with recyclable materials but soft and shocks absorbent forests’ paths, no Green Microgym but open air… Wouldn’t our planet breathe better without?

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