Lainie, while on a jungle safari, received a guide for greening her holiday season.
Here are some selected tips to stay green, and keep the earth only mildly warm, this winter season:
1. Lights: Go LED crazy, or if you want go the extra mile, buy compact fluorescent light bulbs (CPLs) which are also made in the USA. Check out or

2. Hosting: This year, try recycled paper or hemp dinnerware at your holiday party, which you can find at or

3. Trees: Someone once told me planting a tree is like investing in the future because while you might not see its majesty, the next generation will. So this holiday season, you can give a tree away in their name. Check out or And what about the evergreen with all those presents underneath it? LA has a tree recycling program, so don’t miss the date on January 5th or 6th.

4. Gifts: ‘Tis the season of giving and getting. Unfortunately, buying new things (eco-friendly or not) means using up more materials and more energy. Buying used on ebay, freecycle, or craigslist. Also try buying local or support artists online.

5. Shopping: Instead of taking new plastic bags for your purchases every time you shop, keep some used ones in your car. Or better yet, many supermarkets sell re-usable bags you can buy to put all your holiday goodies in.

6. Gardening: Exercise your green thumb by growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. Additional information can be found at and

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