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Green Thoughts and Shades Thereof Across the US, UK and Elsewhere

shades of green
…A rising trend? I think so and so does Landor Associates of London who recently published ImagePower Green Brands Survey. Green Thinking has gone mainstream in the UK and the US, in a dramatic shift that’s being labeled “one of the fastest revolutions in public thinking and behaviour ever seen.” The report uncovers the following:

“Consumers have woken up to the environmental consequences of their purchase decisions, and are changing their behavior to ensure they limit their negative impacts on our environment. The survey indicates that consumers are demanding more green products and business practices, but the challenge will be for companies to effectively navigate through this evolving consumer landscape to ensure their sustainability practices are seen as more than just lip service.”

Agreed. Good news, nonetheless, but agreed. When study participants were asked about perceptions of green brands, they said these brands are often seen as higher quality and higher cost than it’s competitors. From the business perspective, the perception that “green business” equates premium prices can intice thoose considering entering the space. The good news for Whole Foods, Toyota and Sub-Zero (ranked among the greenest of the green) is that even non-users are more likely to use green brands and consider them the next time they make a purchase.

The study revealed the top US Green brands:

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