I’ve been using Google for such a long time now, much to my surprise when I decided to us Yahoo! this morning, I found a whole new content page. This blog entry is actually not addressing Yahoo’s content offering / redesign (new to me anyway) rather one specific offering in particular. Yahoo! has developed and aggregated Green content called “Yahoo! Green” apparently sponsored by Hewlett Packard. I spent some time going through the site, checking out all the offerings and have to say in terms of content, TreeHugger has a serious contender.
The top of the main page features a counter indicating how many people are pledging to save, then the second counter, indicating the tons of CO2 a year. The new Green destination offers 3 main content areas.

1. “News, Facts, Talk“, the first content tab contains an overview of the topic relevant aggregated content + sub categories including 1. Science 2. Living Green & 3. News. Clicking through each of these sections I am really impressed with the vast resource of content and information. (It’s Yahoo! after-all, and who else would have such a vast resource so accessible?)

2. “Calculate your Impact” section contains a questionnaire to Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. According to the survey, the average American emits 9.44 tons of CO2 a year. After answering the short 4 question survey, your CO2 emissions are calculated and you are given a several tips on how to cut carbons and are prompted to “Make a Plan”. (I must note here, you have to log into your Yahoo! account) Additionally the results page offers further links to featured Green Related Articles, featured Green Bloggers, and featured Green Communities.

3. The Take Action to Change the World feature is by far my favorite. This section contains a flash application that shows Carbon saving tips by walking through a illustrated 3d animation of a Green House, clicking on rooms to see how you can save energy and resources at home. (Animation below.)

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