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Green hunting for publicity

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“Cool hunting” once dominated the marketing industry, who’s sole purpose was to predict emerging trends and quantify declining ones. Challenge? Find the next “thing”, stay on ahead of trends, align your brand with the early adapters and attain that every changing badge of “cool”. (Sheesh, the industry takes itself too seriously sometimes. Such a serious discipline, even author William Gibson dedicated an entire book to the to chasing the trends called Pattern Recognition.)

A new report released by PR firm Porter Novelli has declared the next group of culture makers are called “Greenfluencers”. Who are they? Here’s a quick run down:

  • Educated
  • Generally under 35
  • Tech early adapters
  • Ethnically diverse
  • Politically diverse (And yes, according to the report, there even are some republicans in the mix)
  • Physically active

Where do they shop?

  • Target
  • Home depot
  • Kmart
  • The Gap

Hmmmm… sounds pretty mainstream to me.

The overall survey and report results are interesting and of course it’s always important to know who you are marketing to but frankly there wasn’t anything earth shattering or unexpected results in this report.

I wonder, if the main intention of this study was indeed PR? After all, Porter Novelli is a PR firm. Download the report for yourself. Curious what your thoughts are….

Source: Sustainable Life Media

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