Starting a new branding campaign?  Want to impress your client by hitting one out of the park?  Concentrate on getting massive publicity.   You may be thinking why don’t I just do an advertising campaign?  You could if you want to take the safe but expensive route.  Let me tell you why publicity is much, much better. Two components of publicity make it a better vehicle than advertising for new branding campaigns.  One – there is a personal connection made between brand and audience.  Two – it’s less expensive so more your client gets more bang for the buck.  (an excellent by-product is that you will look like a marketing genius)
Target events that have similar value and image to the brand you are marketing. Here are some ideas and examples of publicity campaigns you can organize and execute.  You could target music concerts or sporting events if your product is targeted at this audience.  Give away prizes, fliers, free samples or anything that creates a buzz about your client’s product.
Another way to garner inexpensive publicity is to make sure your product or brand is the first company, person, or organization to do something. This will get you some free news coverage and reporters love to be first with any story. News and news outlets have become so inter-related that you can be sure if the event is big enough it will be picked up by a large number of providers and exposed to wide audience.  All for free!
Another way to create free publicity is through social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Focus on your brand name only when creating these campaigns.  Your slogan, sales pitch, unique sales proposition can be developed in the near future.  Your job is to get the brand as much publicity as possible.
Cost savings you make at this stage of the branding campaign will allow you to have a bigger budget to fine tune the marketing campaign once you see where the best chance of success lies. Brainstorm and prioritize the ideas you develop for generating publicity by weighing amount of publicity against cost.  Always remember, a good brand will help your marketing campaign and massive publicity will help build a strong brand.

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