Hummer versus Prius : the knock-out!

hummerIn the game Hummer versus Prius, Toyota Prius was declared unanimously victorious (until at least Hummer proven innocent) by referee Dr Peter H. Gleick.

A month ago, Dr Gleick from the Pacific Institute, in his correction of the CNW Marketing report “Dust to Dust” denounced and castigated the authors of the document for fraud to the consumption.

The “Dust to Dust report” was supposed to be an unbiased analysis of the life-cycle energy cost of new vehicles from concept to disposal. In the arena were the Hummer (and its by-products) and the hybrid Toyota Prius.

In his study of the document, it appeared to the eye of the methodical, sagacious and rational scientist a fraudulent use and manipulation of the data. The report stipulated that the massive Hummer used less energy per mile driven than Prius, that its lifetime mileage was inferior to the hybrid. It also suggested wrongly that the majority of the energy is consumed during the production of the vehicle. All the independent research groups converge in saying that 80 to 90% of the energy is consumed while using the vehicle.

To support his theory about manipulated analysis, he took the example of two Toyota models, the Xcion xA and xB, same cars, same capacities, same qualities and supposedly their lifetime mileage and energy are different?

He also pinpointed their confusion in their terminology, power-energy, certainty-uncertainty, precision-accuracy…
After verifications and preoccupied with objectivity and transparency, the final conclusion was “ the report suffers from fatal flaws”

So, questions, what if the readers’ intelligence did not challenge the veracity of the report? To who does benefit the conscious manipulation of the data if not to the car-maker? What if his goal is to mislead the consumer’s behavior and to discredit and silent the main competitors? Here is a flagrant photography of what big corporations are willing to scarify to be at the top of the competition! The dice are rigged while playing! Who will be the victims? The “whom it may concern”? The target? You? Me? Our credulity? Boycott Hummer!

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  1. i luv the pics of hummer…i wish i could get some more pics of the interior nd the other information of hummer trucks…………….

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