joan with guitarJoan Jett pitching Cadillacs? What in the world is going on? My freshman year of high school, that Joan Jet song seemed to be our school anthem. (yes, I’m that old) She was the poster child for female empowerment, tough chick, bad girl, leather clad, who sang rock and roll with an attitude. Yes, I know, there was Chrissy Heinz, Debrah Harry, but Joan Jett (secretly) was my favorite, not for the music but for her persona. Now, some 20 odd years later, she’s reduced to endorsing cars for her survival.

Why does this enrage me? After all, isn’t this my world? (of sorts) The world of advertising and brand experience? That’s all fine, but don’t use my childhood idols! Actually, I should be speaking to my childhood idols, saying this: “Don’t sell yourself out for a Cadillac! Gas guzzling beasts! Ugh.”

Further reading about the Joan Jett – Cadillac “relationship” revealed there the nature of the sponsorship, from tour to music video, etc. I get it. I understand the age old strategy of celebrity pitching product. But some things simply don’t go together in my mind. Some things like Joan Jett and a Cadillac.

Would be interested in reading a case study of the success of this campaign / business venture for both Joan Jett and Cadillac in case anyone has that handy.

For more on Cadillac’s attempt to personalize their product through this campaign, see:

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