Public relations campaigns have never been a go to marketing strategy for small and medium sized industrial products sales companies.  Most companies have viewed this type of promotion as difficult, complex and too expensive.  In the past this may have been true but with today’s online public relations resources almost any company can enjoy the benefits of a well-executed public relations campaign.

The foundation of an effective marketing campaign is the development of an informative, engaging and easy to use company website.  The site should be able to “sell” your potential customer on your company’s products and services.  For an industrial products customer this usually comes down to performance characteristics, availability and instilling product confidence.  Once the website is ready the next step is launching the PR campaign.

Unlike the public relations tools of the past; print, radio, and trade shows, today’s PR tools are all online.  Blogging, social media, article marketing, press releases and other Web 2.0 sites are used to cast a wide net to generate interest in your company and the products it offers. This can be done with almost zero budget by posting on related sites yourself or scale it up by hiring professional marketers to generate content, post articles, videos and comments on a daily basis.  The key to success whether you take a do it yourself approach or hire professionals is to develop your company’s authority in the market by posting quality content that contains links back to your website.

Once you start building your online precense keep at it.  Consistency will yield big dividends in the long term.  When you feel you have mastered blog commenting move on to press releases.  Then tackle Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube.  Just like in the real world if you provide valuable content the business will be rewarded with increased profits and happy customers.

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