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Instant Gratificaiton! Download a New Camera in Seconds

Ever thought you could have a new 35 millimeter digital camera in seconds? One that is good for the environment? Well it is and you can.

pinhole cameraOnline shopping is fast and convenient, not to mention a great way to compare prices. But every time I make an online purchase, I dread the coming days or weeks during which I am made to wait for my product to arrive. Having gotten used to the instant gratification of downloadable music purchases, I now begin to wonder if the time will come when a wider range of online purchases will be available for download.

A downloadable pinhole camera I stumbled upon on suggests that we may be headed in that direction. The camera is downloadable as a pdf file, which you can print out, cut out, construct, and load with 35mm film. While it’s a little more do-it-yourself than the downloadable products I’ve been hoping to see, it’s still a remarkable feat in its own right. Now I wonder when these guys are going to release a 12 megapixel SLR…

Download your camera!

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