It’s Not Easy Being Green

Gather ’round everyone, take a seat and put on your listening caps (in my case, a smart looking technicolor beanie, complete with propeller). Sure, green is a wonderful color and an easy bandwagon to jump on; but it’s not easy being green. I’m not talking Kermit here, or even Oscar for that matter (although his fully sustainable, cylindrical house was way ahead of its time; efficient and aesthetically pleasing).

What I am talking here is a matter of green. We in the jungle strive to work with socially and ecologically conscious businesses or those trying to be. We’re not perfect, heck, nobody is, so we’ve been told. But, there is a difference between just capitalizing on the green movement and really walking the walk.

In the jungle, we believe in a little thing we like to call ‘captivism’. As the name implies, it is the implementation of socially conscious business practices which are both sustainable and profitable. Being green can make dollars and sense, when it’s done right. We’d like to make ‘captivism’ part of your vocabulary as well.

So, how does one captivate through capitalism? It’s quite simple, really. You can be big, small and in between, so long as you make an effort to promote, practice and implement good business practices. And by ‘good’, we mean simply socially and ecologically aware philosophies and means of doing business. If you walk the walk, we can help.

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