it’s an…advertising!!!!

Among a long queue waiting eagerly to register their new born in the hall of records by the “birth” window, daddy Microsoft strangled with emotions proudly announced, after years of gestation, the birth of “Advertising”.

Last child of a large household, she shows already a promising sign, her “new brand identity” quality that she inherited from her family genes.

Surrounded by a cherishing and devoted familial environment APS Group, Atlas, AdECN, AdCenter, ad firm Massive, she will indubitably acquire maturity and efficiency to respond to the demanding online market.

Her objective and stakes are already set “bring order amidst the chaos”! Let’s hope that the silver spoon in her mouth won’t choke her!

A question however, which chaos is Brian MacAndrews referring to… So far the others agencies dealt with companies’ challenges for years with panache” and will keep on…

One thing that experience taught me, nepotism and clientel-ism brought neither quality, nor recognition…

Among a plethora of advertising and branding agencies, why a company will pick the one that only disposes of the financial machine to support its work? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for Microsoft to keep on excelling in their niche: computers, micro-processing…?

Leave advertising to advertisers, branding to “branders”, Microsofting to “Microsofters”!!!!!!!!!!

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