Anton Corbijn‘s new film CONTROL is showing here in LA and I don’t know when I’ve been more excited about seeing a film…hopefully this weekend and then I can report back.

Corbijn is known and respected within the music and design worlds as a top notch cutting edge creative director with an eye for style. Some of the bands he’s worked with include Depeche Mode, U2, Nirvana, PIL, Echo & the Bunnymen. However, the film CONTROL is about Ian Curtis of the band Joy Division (one of my personal favorites, still), directed and produced by Corbijn. Very excited, expecting a visually stunning film and authenticity within the story since Corbijn worked with Ian Curtis, Joy Division and later New Order. I recently heard an interview with former Joy Division & New Order band memberPeter Hook about the film, who spoke on his experience of viewing the film. He described his experience as a cross between eerie, bittersweet, surreal and amazing. I really can’t wait!

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