In yet another switch-a-r-oo, Fed Ex recently announced it’s plans to change the name FedEx Kinkos to FedEx Office, while taking a $891 million charge for the quarter that ended this Saturday. The name change is expected to take place over a period of four years. At least they won’t have to go to Kinkos to do all their sign and letterhead changes!
A spokesperson said “The name “FedEx Office” better describes the wide range of services available at its retail centers and takes full advantage of the Fed Ex brand long recognized for excellent customer service, quality and reliability.”

Hmm. While Kinkos employees are probably excited they will finally be getting the better benefits their FedEx colleagues have been getting all along, I agree with some of the sentiment expressed in much of the blog discussion bouncing back and forth over the topic; namely, that customers are going to be massively confused. Observe what the new FedEx Office employees should expect to look forward to, as predicted by a current Kinkoid:

(Ring Ring)
TM: Thank you for calling Fedex Office, this is me, how may I help you?
Customer: …is this…Kinko’s?
TM: Well, yes, but we have changed our name from Fedex Kinko’s to Fedex Office.
Customer: …why?
TM: Because Fedex has planned to do so since they bought Kinko’s in 2005, and has now decided to implement the plan.
Customer: …why?

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