land of freedom, (finally!)

Well it’s about time. For the longest time, Californians were free to choose from over 20 different options for breakfast cereal at any given supermarket, but only one option as to the gender they could marry.
Today the California Supreme Court finally responded to the millions of voices advocating gay and lesbian rights, and overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriages. One of the worst cases of entanglement between church and state ended today, as the court finally ruled the ban unconstitutional and discrimination.

The movement really started in 2004, when Mayor Newsom of San Francisco issued marriage licenses same-sex couples, which were then almost immediately revoked by the California Supreme Court.

Today Chief Justice George declared it a fundamental and constitutional right to form a family, and that the ban on marriage was limiting that right from being enjoyed by all citizens.

California is currently the second state to legalize same-gender marriage, after Massachusettes. But there’s no doubt our celebration parties will be wayyy better. Sorry, Boston.

Of course, conservative voters are already proposing an amendment to the constitution, which hopefully won’t make it’s way to the ballot. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the issue is addressed in the upcoming political debates.
In any case, tonight, don’t forget to make a toast celebrating the fact that every Californian now can enjoy another rightful new freedom. Cheers to that!

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