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laser monks
Everyday at my desk, plugged into my computer, managing projects and the day to day of jungle [8] I try to be good, green and responsible. This isn’t always easy to do when most office products kill dolphins, and plug up landfills. Trash bags need to be cut up when they go out, if not reused, everything has to be recycled, printer cartridges, paper and plastics.

“We should go through Laser Monks“,

This was my response when my printer spat out a nearly illegible document displaying a wide yet unwanted range of designer gray, I would have settled for simple black and white. Yes thats a long winded way to say I was out of toner.

The Laser Monks are not a crack christian spy force busting through plate glass windows, shooting laser guns in really uncomfortable robes replacing toner in times of need. Although that would be extremely convenient, mines the plate glass window destruction. The Laser Monks are a christian order of monks that have found a way to maintain their livelihood by selling toner while offering discount prices to schools, non-profits and other businesses. As monks all the earnings that do not go into the monastery are put directly to charitable work. These are monks so their living expenses are minimal. I’m guessing with their recent success selling toner they haven’t added a swimming pool, club house or media room to the monastery. I don’t think they even have central heat and air which is no small feat in the midwest where their monastery is located.

Yes, now I can think of ordering toner as a charitable act, but I am also employing my own system of carbon off sets. I don’t have to do a google search, pull up some statistic, cut and past it here for you to know that printing supplies aren’t the best thing for our planet. Just imagine those cartridges hundreds and billions of times over in landfills, I get it, bad, I’m bad and I should only email. But what if the money I spend on toner is going to charity, and the cartridges are recycled and I print sparingly, does that make it ok for me to still print and edit documents if I use both sides of the paper. Yes it has to because living and working green needs to, in my case mean being socially responsible, while still allowing me to do my job and live my life.

Thank you Laser Monks for helping this office worker get through one more purchase order in the jungle, where we feel its necessary to be good, green, and responsible for our actions.


p.s. Laser Monks also has a gift site which I thought was pretty cool. You can find that here.

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