Logos that last

How many of the following names instantly conjure up an image in your mind? McDonald’s, Nike, Apple, Lacoste, Chanel.
As you probably know, all of these are corporations that create exceptionally popular products for today’s market. What’s really special about the aforementioned corporations is that they are part of a unique group of companies that managed to create “legendary logos”. As written in an article in The Independent, these logos bring us not only the beauty of their design, but products with lifestyles or ideas attached to them.

So a good logo will convey to us, and later remind us, of the company and its identity. But how? Logo expert, Andy Payne underlines the importance of a logo’s ability to play on people’s memory in order to foster a lasting relationship between the public and the company. A logo often does so by associating itself with ideas or things through historical or cultural references. It makes me wonder, are the qualities of a good logo the same as good art? They both play on emotions and memory, crossing boundaries to be understood on a global scale.

That being said, given the right circumstances and a decent amount of time, a good logo will become omnipresent enough that people will be able to describe and recognize the logo just about anywhere. And at that point, we have to assume the logo becomes a legend

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