mahi-mahi a la Patterson (made by patterson)

Go to la Paz, for the ones who missed their geography classes Baja California Sur, for the ones who didn’t take Spanish as a second language, south low California.

Pick an isolated island to perpetrate your crime.

Plunge your two feet in a transparent blue lagoon-like water. A sombrero planted on your head to prevent from the sun aggressions, and a glass of margarita in each hand to fight the continuous attacks of the dehydratation. 150 fahrenheits beat up without any moderation the committed fisherman. Imagine the challenge, nothing comparable with “The old man and the sea”.

Watch the quiet and inviting (for a nap) horizon to detect any movement among the micro Cap Horn-like breaking waves. As the expert (sleepy) eye catches ondulations, as he battles against the elements (no, I don’t want to wake up!), the hook counts already the casualties. Beautiful 150 pounds (at least) of fresh proteins are washed, cleaned up, packaged and sealed, ready for consumption on the American market (the jungle loft).


As Pedro wakes up Charles to head home, he has no recollection of what happened. The ready to consume package in his cooler, Charles decides before leaving this paradise of the Pacific, to commemorate this unforgettable event. Front of him appear different painted settings, he naturally picks the one that depicts a beheaded man with an enormous fish. He introduces his head and smiles (refer to the pictures).

The fish landed on our plates today…Thank you, Charles….

For the record, Charles really did catch fish!

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